Wacken Warm-up Party Vol.3 pe 6.1. Elmun Baarissa

Elmun Baari ja Elmun matkailu järjestävät Wacken festivaaleiden Warm-Up bileet! WACKEN WARM UP PARTY VOL 3 jälleen perjantaina 6.1.2017 klo 20-02 Elmun Baarissa (Telakkakatu 8, Helsinki). Esiintyjinä Graveyard Shifters sekä Revocnikufesin plays Anthrax.

Revocnikufesin plays Anthrax

It all started like all good things tend to start… Few friends with attitude and our friend´s coming 40th birthday party… We wanted to play something for him and suddenly we found ourselves rehearsing some Anthrax songs…As it felt so friggin´right and birthday gig went well we decided that why not play some more gigs… So here we are… Kickin´and Thrashing!!!


Graveyard Shifters

Pour punk, metal and rock ’n’ roll in the one pit and you will get it! Graveyard Shifters = Crust Punk from Finland with party party attitude!


Wacken Warm-Up Party
Revocnikufesin plays Anthrax + Graveyard Shifters
Vapaa pääsy
Ovet klo 20:00
Graveyard Shifters 22:00
Revocnikufesin 23:00

Lisätietoja : http://elmunbaari.fi/
Tapahtuman FB-sivut

Graveyard Shifters kuva: Helou Hill’s Photography
Revocnikufesin kuva: Papa Wilska/Chaos Path


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