Rage julkaisee ”Seasons Of The Black”-levyn heinäkuussa

Saksalainen heavy metal-veteraani Rage on tuotteliaassa putkessa ja ainoastaan 14 kuukautta edellisen levyn ”The Devil Strikes Again” jälkeen seuraaja ”Seasons Of The Black” saa julkaisunsa 28.7.2017 Nuclear Blastin kautta. Rage vieraili Suomessa viimeksi Helsingissä Elmun Baarissa marraskuussa 2016.

Keulamies Peavy Wagner kommentoi levyä:

Our fans are getting RAGE metal of the very first grade. We’ve been able to bring the band’s typical trademarks into eleven new songs, and we’re sticking to the course that we forged on the last album! This means hard and very catchy compositions that also sound thrash, aggressive and epic.

Ensimmäisenä singlenä julki odotetaan levyn avaavaa nimibiisiä ”Seasons Of The Black”:

The song is very personal, it is about a failed life-long dream. Imagine being stamped to the ground and looking at the broken pieces of your existence. This sadly is a destiny that many people have to share. Most of the songs on the album include a very gloomy view of the world, so we thought “Seasons Of The Black” would be suitable for the entire album.

Levyn kansi on katsottavissa alta. Peavy kertoo edellisenkin albumin kannen piirtäneen Karim Königin taiteesta:

We developed the idea together.In this way we want to show that both albums belong together in their own way. I modelled the sonically inspired sculpture that dominates the cover on my own. As a basis, I used a very rare skull from my collection, which I poured myself and then re-modelled. Karim created the gloomy landscape with the Golgotha ​​Hill.

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