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Kuva: Mikael Soilevaara

Tiedote 7.6.2023

Dark Metal -yhtye Mustan Kuun Lapset tiedottaa Facebook-sivuillaan lopettamispäätöksestä:

Notice to fans, friends and supporters.

We will end MUSTAN KUUN LAPSET’s active career by the end of 2023. The decision has been carefully considered, and it is final. “Suruaika 1993-2023″ anniversary EP will remain our last record containing new material.
Why? First of all; there are no major disagreements in the band. No big fights, drama, or shit like that. Me and lead guitarist Heikki Piipari, the old geezers of the band, just feel that our rockin’ days have finally come to an end. For me, as the only original member, thirty years of MKL is a huge achievement. Heikki has been in the band for 13 long years, and that’s a big chunk of life too. Drummer Kalle Takalo and bassist Pasi Löfgrén will continue with their bands DAMNGOD and Where’s My Bible, but in the future, me and Heikki will focus on other things than playing.
We are very proud of Suruaika, as well as all MKL records, and we honestly think that we have given our best at this year’s anniversary gigs. But since A: the motivation to play, and B: the inspiration to create new stuff have run out years ago, it’s time to make decisions.

After SaariHelvetti 4. – 5.8.2023 Tampere, Viikinsaari, MKL will have some last gigs at the end of the year. We will announce the exact dates and venues later. See you there, buggers!

Pete Lehtinen
Mustan Kuun Lapset 1993-2023
Founder, songwriter & singer-guitarist

Kuva: Mikael Soilevaara

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