Deathspell Omega – FAS – Ite, Maledicti, in ignem Aeternum (2007)


[three_fourth](Tämä arvio poikkeuksellisesti englanniksi, tehty alkujaan toiselle sivustolle)

At first the album felt really strange and not nearly as good as previous recordings by this great band. However, as fans consider this to be up there among band’s best albums, after certain tepidity I couldn’t let this one pass up so quickly. Previous EP “Kenose” was a nice introduction to the full massive album. The artwork on the CD version is exceptional with plenty of excellent photos and pictures, none with the band as we are now getting used to.

At first the album seemed too experimental and technical, a bit like listening to Dream Theater or some other prog band with black metal influences. Usually these kind of bands haven’t made a big impression to me, with the exception of death metal legends Nile. Deathspell Omega however has taken a big step with this album and during first spin one can only experience pure chaos and disorder. Songs have no depth to hang on to, none. It seems like you are listening the same track over and over again.

After repeated listening, music starts taking a firmer grip and sinks in. If band’s masterpiece “Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice” with its linear scope goes straight into your subconscious, this record does so in slower but possibly more effective way. The album is like a roller coaster with many peaks and valleys as well as dark tunnels.

Songs are long and their structures familiar from the previously mentioned EP release. If at first the record felt alien and too demanding; after several spins the songs started showing depth totally unheard in metal music. A band like Watain can strike you out with one single blow, but this album does it many times. The arrangements and compositions are so complex that one must admire band’s achievement. It’s futile to dissect the songs because explaining them is impossible unless listener is already fully absorbed. Single guitar riffs cannot be praised or recommended to someone who hasn’t heard the album. This is art, which opens up to few.

From a production stand point, the album is clearer than their other masterpiece ”Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice.” I would guess it took some time to record this one. Especially drum sound is excellent and also bass is clearly heard throughout and during slower parts. Mikko Aspa’s singing remains at very high level.

This review doesn’t really reveal anything concrete about the music, which is simply because it is extremely hard to put into words. One must experience and live it. It might take considerable amount of time, but if you are bored with traditional metal albums this record is an alternative. It gives you as much as you are willing to take.

9½ /10

Juha Karvonen
deathspell omega
1. Obombration 4:48
2. The Shrine of Mad Laughter 10:37
3. Bread of Bitterness 7:49
4. The Repellent Scars of Abandon & Election 11:40
5. A Chore for the Lost 9:15
6. Obombration 2:07

Levylautasella soi raskaamman musiikin osalta lähinnä black metal, Volbeat sekä Metallica. Läheinen suhde myös 90-luvun death metaliin. Levyhyllyjä täyttävät myös itärannikon hip hop - albumit. Työstä ja musiikista jäävä vapaa-aika kuluu kuntosalilla, lätkäkaukalossa, fudiskentän reunalla sekä customoidulla harrikalla kruisaillessa. Harrastuksiin lukeutuvat myös elokuvat, tv-sarjat, vinyylit ja lukeminen. - Fire Walk With Me-