Post Pulse julkaisi uudet miksaukset ja videot ”Dead Like Silence” -EP:n kappaleista

Tiedote 12.9.2020

Kotimainen death metal -yhtye Post Pulse on julkaissut uudet miksaukset ja videot vuoden 2018 ”Dead Like Silence” -EP:n kappaleista ”Flames Of War” sekä ”Dead Like Silence”.

Yhtye kommentoi:

Back in 2018 we released our 1st EP after the debut album “Halls of the Damned” (2017). Our friend wanted to (partly track and) mix those two tracks so we took the deal willingly.


We’re always super happy if someone wants to support or help us with anything so it doesn’t feel totally fair for me to say that we were not fully satisfied with how the Dead Like Silence EP turned out tone-wise.

We have always loved those two songs – one being this super heavy and groovy tune while other being this aggressive headbanger with the most awesome featured acts from Jørgen Munkeby of Shining, Mikko Kotamäki of Swallow the Sun, Niko Kalliojärvi of Humavoid, Sami Silvennoinen of Skein and Otto Aleksanteri Eräjoki of ex-Mørket!


So now, two years later we made a new mix of the EP with our guy Ryan Kelly – we re-tracked some and used a lot of old recordings – and now were happy with the tracks. Jaakko Viitalähde from Virtalähde Mastering did amazing job with the tracks – now they punch you in the face like proper PP song is supposed to do.


So – we hid the old videos from Youtube and replaced those with fresh ones – enjoy! We had 2000+ views on those songs on Youtube so we have a lot to catch up but let’s do our best – we are not marketing these re-releases in any way so it’s all up to you, right.


Of course, you all have noticed that the “Dead Like Silence” -EP has also disappeared from Spotify – that’s right – but any day now, new mixes will appear there too. So it’s all good.

Oh! We also changed the order of the songs on the EP just to make it authentic 2020 release – this is the new normal guys!!!


Have fun, stay safe and don’t give a lot of fucks!

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