The Glasspack coveroi EP:llään Samhainia ja Misfitsiä

Louisvillestä tuleva The Glasspack on julkaissut EP:n ”Candy Apples And Razor Blades”, jossa yhtye coveroi Samhainin ja Misfitsin tuotantoa. Yhtye julkaisee tulevan albuminsa ”Moon Patrol” vuonna 2021.

Yhtye kommentoi EP:tä:

”I asked the guys if we could record something special this year to give away for free. So, we quickly recorded some punk rock and metal favorites with a dash of GLASSPACK flavor at DeadBird Recording Studios in Louisville. As a punk rock kid in Louisville, I fell in love with these songs immediately and still carry them with me as an adult. I never outgrew them, or maybe I just didn’t grow up. It doesn’t matter. I will likely sing some of them ’til I am ashes. This is the first actual studio recording THE GLASSPACK has released for many years. It is also the first GLASSPACK record of which I do not play guitar. I only did the vocals.
”I am also in the process of finishing up the lyrics and vocals for our upcoming Moon Patrol album,” he continues, ”which is a full-length record of all original GLASSPACK material. The music is finished. Once I finish the lyrics and vocals, we will go into the studio and knock it out. COVID-19 has derailed some of our plans but this album will still be released at some point next year.” 
Ota coverit haltuun:

”Dirty” Dave Johnson – vocals, guitars
Brett ”Cap’n” Holsclaw – drums
Nicholas Hall – guitars, keys
Billy Lease – bass

Dave Chale – drums

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