Mats Levèn korvaa Ronnie Romeron Vandenberg-vokalistina

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Mats Levèn korvaa Ronnie Romeron Vandenberg-vokalistina. Vokalisti on tunnettu muun muassa Yngwie Malmsteenin, Candlemassin ja Trans-Siberian Orchestran riveistä.

Adrian Vandenberg kommentoi, “To say I’m excited about working with Mats Levèn would be an understatement! It’s a huge privilege to work with a vocalist of Mats’ world-class calibre, who’s just as passionate about kick-ass rock and as motivated and dedicated as I am. A one of a kind signature voice, commanding stage presence, very experienced but as far from running on automatic pilot as humanly possible and a great guy! Mats and I are working on our new songs for the next Vandenberg album as we speak. We’re pushing and inspiring each other to keep raising the bar and are coming up with great, very exciting stuff!”

Mats kertoo, “I’m thrilled to join Vandenberg and to be recording the new album! I’ve been a fan since the ’80s, and I’m honoured to be soon sharing the stage with my Dutch amigos!!”

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