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Heavy metal/hard rock -yhtye Vandenberg julkaisee 25.10.2023 uuden albuminsa “Sin”. Nyt katsottavissa tuore videon albumin nimikkokappaleesta.

Adrian Vandenberg kertoo “Sin. Just a tiny, three letter word but one with a very comprehensive meaning. Everything in between a little white lie and a murder. So, it deserves a powerful, heavy, epic song to do it justice.”

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Adrian Vandenberg kertoo kappaleesta “Like every other band or artist we were forced to ‘hold our horses’ when we found ourselves playing our part in one of those Hollywood ‘Outbreak’ style movies these past Covid years. Without having auditioned for a role. You’ll understand we were extremely eager to ‘break out of the stables’ with a loud bang, so we thought it’d be more than appropriate to ‘set the world on fire’ with this new track! House On Fire’!”

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