Liechensteinin dark rock -kärkinimi Dark Side Of Me julkaisi debyyttilevynsä “Ignition Spark”

Tiedote 4.11.2019

Liechtensteinistä saapuva dark rock –yhtye Dark Side Of Me on julkaissut 10 vuoden uran jälkeen debyyttilevynsä “Ignition Spark”. Näytekappale “Challenger” on kuunneltavissa alta:

Albumia ja yhtyettä kuvataan seuraavasti:

’dark side of me’ are showing in an impressive manner, that three men are sufficient to create a huge, powerful and complex sound.

If you asked the band members, how they would describe the music of the band, the answer will be, without any doubt: ”Hard, melancholic, groovy rock songs with huge melodies, catchy choruses and a high recognition value.” Even though the influence of bands like ’Amorphis’, ’Paradise Lost’ during their ‘Host’ period and ’HIM’ (in their early days) cannot be denied, every song is an original with its own character – and the reason is simply because ’dark side of me’ do not limit themselves during their songwriting process and appreciate any musical influence.

Since the very beginning, the band not only wrote and gathered a lot of songs, but also can look back on a nice number of gigs. ’dark side of me’ are proud to have shared the stage with bands like ’Nitrogods’, ’Johnboy’, ’Ninetnine’, ’Acoustical South’, ’Head-Z’, ’Amerikan Beauty’, ’Rääs’, ’Demonium’, paul sails for rome’, ’Dark Salvation’, ’Shotgun’, ’Shades & Peters’, ’Mooncry’ and ’Landvogt’ – in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Germany.

Ignition Spark

After 5 years of work, during which they were supported by Roland Testi (former drummer of ‘Black Sonic’ / responsible for recording, mixing and mastering), their debut album ‚Ignition Spark‘ (total running time: 52 minutes), which contains ten original compositions, finally saw the light of the world on 10 October 2019.

Due to the long production time, the fear arose that it would be quite possible that the second album could be released even before the first one (which became a real running gag) – underlined by the fact that ‘dark side of me’ already started with its pre-production this late summer. Fortunately, this could just be prevented.

‘dark side of me’ are really looking forward to hit the stage sooner rather than later to promote ‘Ignition Spark’ and to show that they are not only capable of writing and recording damn cool rock songs, but to prove that they are a pretty good live band that should not be missed. “All right…here we go!”

‘Ignition Spark’ is available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Youtube, Spotify and Deezer.

Urs Kobelt (vocals/bass guitars/programming)
Marco Schmellentin (guitars/programming)
Rainer Figgener (drums)



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