Destructionin tulevan ”Born To Perish” –levyn lisätiedot ja nimikappale julki

Saksalainen thrash metal –veteraani Destruction on julkaissut lisätiedot sekä nimikappaleen tulevalta elokuussa ilmestyvältä “Born To Perish” –levyltä. Albumi on kaupoissa Nuclear Blastin kautta 9.8.2019. Ennakkotilausta saa jätettyä linkistä.

Keulamies Schmier kommentoi seuraavaa:

The title track was the first song we wrote for the new record and it definitely shows the strength that Destruction has in 2019. It immediately set the bar high for the rest of the album. It features everything that we stand for: speed, picking, variety and punch. Randy came up with some very cool drum patterns and Damir offered up a really crunchy solo part, so both new members are heavily involved here!

Kitaristi Mike lisää:

We started the song with some drum patterns that Randy gave us and adjusted some riff ideas we had. It was a nice challenge to write some tight right hand picking for a 212 beats per minute song. As a guitar player this is close to my speed limit, especially on the triplets – great fun to play though!

Kansi ja kappalelista:

1. Born To Perish
2. Inspired By Death
3. Betrayal
4. Rotten
5. Filthy Wealth
6. Butchered For Life
7. Tyrants Of The Netherworld
8. We Breed Evil
9. Fatal Flight 17
10. Ratcatcher
11. Hellbound

Lähde: Nuclear Blast


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