Advent Of Fire julkaisi “Pelkkää Vihaa” -singlen

Kuva: @rose.oling

Tiedote 28.3.2020

Jurvalainen death metal -yhtye Advent Of Fire on julkaissut uuden singlen “Pelkkää Vihaa”.

Vokalisti Iisakki Anttila kertoo kappaleesta seuraavaa:

”Pelkkää Vihaa” (Pure Hatred) began in spring 2019. Lauri composed most of the riffs, with a little assistance from Miika. I was in charge of the lyrics as always. The lyrics revolve around torture and describes the act in detail. In short, the lyrics are about the absolute devourment of a human being. Every bone is broken and every piece of flesh is defiled with nothing but burning hatred.


To quote @metalinferno44 ’s review of our future endevours, ”Advent of Fire are a death metal band and now that this has been established, the future will be bloody and there will be no mercy”


No mercy indeed. As promised, this track opens up the bloodiest page in our book than ever before, and I can’t wait for the release so all of you can hear it. It’s more raw and brutal than anything we have released before. Pelkkää Vihaa is the true face of hatred towards all that is living.

Lauri Rätti – Drums
Miika Rajala – Guitars
Iisakki Anttila – Vocals
Leevi Mäki – Bass
Tuomo Tuppi – Guitars

Kuva: @rose.oling


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