Wolfheart julkaisi uuden singlen ”Ashes” ja lisätiedot ”Wolves Of Karelia” –levystä

Kuva: Valtteri Hirvonen

Kotimainen melodista death metalia esittävä Wolfheart julkaisee uuden albumin ”Wolves Of Karelia” 10.4.2020 Napalm-levymerkin kautta. Ensimmäinen single ja lyriikkavideo ”Ashes”-kappaleesta katsottavissa alta. Albumin kantavana teemana on 70 vuoden takainen Suomen Talvisota.

”Wolves Of Karelia” –levyn saa ennakkotilaukseen linkistä. Kansitaiteesta vastasi Nikos Stavridakis / VisionBlack.

Keulamies Tuomas Saikkonen kertoo seuravaa:

“Ashes” is the last song of the album and grand finale of the main theme which is Winter War. More precisely the end of the war. The first dawn when the guns and cannons went silent. I was listening to a lot of stories told by veterans of that day. Most heartbreaking and grand was a story of veteran who lost his best friend in the war and his body was never found until just recently in the Russian woods by a team who still tries to find remains of the fallen heroes left behind. He waited 80 years to know the fate of his friend.


I was born in a small village right on the Russian border, about 15km to the border zone from our family farm. There is a hill with a cannon pointing towards Russia where we used to play as kids and the famous WW2 sniper “White Death”, aka Simo Häyhä, was from the neighboring village… so you could say the history of the war is well remembered in that area. We had 32 tanks against their 3,000 and 114 planes against their 3,800… we had less than 350,000 soldiers against their one million, and yet, still we speak Finnish.

Kansitaide ja kappalelista:

1. Hail Of Steel
2. Horizon On Fire
3. Reaper
4. The Hammer
5. Eye Of The Storm
6. Born From Fire
7. Arrows Of Chaos
8. Ashes

Lähde: Napalm Records
Kuva: Valtteri Hirvonen

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