Witherfall julkaisi videon Helloween-coverista “A Tale That Wasn’t Right”

Amerikkalainen dark metal –yhtye Witherfall juhlistaa Sonata Arctican Acoustic Adventures –kiertueen lämmittelypestiään uudella videolla Helloween-coverista “A Tale That Wasn’t Right”. Alunperin “Keeper Of The Seven Keys I” –teoksella ilmestynyt biisi on nostettu Witherfallin 22.3.2019 julkaistavalta EP:ltä “Vintage”, jolla kuullaan pääasiassa akustisia tulkintoja.

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Yhtye kertoo uudesta singlestä:

Right after the band landed in the ill-fated Panama City FL to begin recording ”A Prelude to Sorrow” the idea of doing an 80’s power ballad was drunkenly pondered by the band. On one of Steve Bolognese’ IPA benders he came up with Helloween’s “A Tale That Wasn’t Right”. Though the band recorded the song during the APS sessions, the video was shot during the band’s recent tour of Japan as support for Kamelot. With Japanese tour manager Mia Steinhausen guiding our way, we were amazed and honored to be so welcomed by the fans and label(s) in Japan that we decided to create a little visual tribute as a gift to everyone who helped us out. Seen in the beginning is even a cameo by none other than Masa-Ito! Domo-Arigato.

Lähde: Century Media


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