Uusia levyjä kuunteluun artisteilta Antipope, Diaboli, Lichtes Des Urteils, Apogeion, Sick Urge, Marrasmieli, Wretched Path

Tarjolla uusimpia albumeja.
Tarjolla uusimpia albumeja.

Antipope – ”Rex Mundi”

1.Plague of Heresy and Madness

2.Rex Mundi Aeternum

3.Hounds of Lord

4.Eye of the Storm

5.Glory of Slaughter

6.Nameless Ritual to Traverse the Abyss between Darkness and Light

7.When the Day is Done

8.Mysterious Ways of Loss, Grief, and Distress

9.Twilight of the Grey Gods

10.Church of Wolves

11.Hell on Earth

  • Mikko Myllykangas – vocals, lead and rhythm guitar
  • Antti J.Karjalainen – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Joni Tauriainen – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Tuska E. – drums

Diaboli – “Pagan Gods Rise”

  1. Pagan Gods Rise
  2. Creed Of Ukko
  3. Uhrilehdon Viisaus
  4. Tulen Synty

5.. Kouko

  1. Sacrifice To Gods




Lichtes Des Urteils – ”Uhraamo”

1.Intro – Litanies of Bacchus Pt. I


3.Color Out of Space


5.Interlude – Litanies of Bacchus Pt. II

6.Baptised in Unholy Waters

7.World Eater

8.Pagan Altars

9.Ritual of Six

Apogeion – ”Astrolatria I: Initiatio”

  1. I. Canis Maior i. e. Syrius.
  2. II. Antecanis i. e. Procion.
  3. III. Vultur Cadens i. e. Wega.
  4. IV. Alchameth i. e. Arcturus.
  5. V. Cauda Capricorni i. e. Deneb Algedi.

– Northern Heritage Records –

Website: http://www.northern-heritage.net

Sick Urge – ”Finland Means Murder”

1.No Escape 00:43

2.Take That Bread 00:12

3.Talk Shit, Get The Shot 00:27

4.Nuclear Barbeque Mosh Fest 00:18

5.Fatal Error 00:51

6.Lifelong Nightmare 00:19

7.Hold The Line 00:21

8.Sick Urge Versus The Police Department 00:15

9.Legalize Heroin 00:26

10.The Return of The Black Mannerheim 00:07

11.Finland Means Murder 00:29

12.God And State 00:25

13.Rock Against Lipponen 00:26

14.Revolt And Exist 00:31

15.First Slot Is Not A Punishment 00:23

16.Straight To Hell 00:23

17.Hardcore Worldwide 00:35

18.Pig Carcass Slowly Turns Its Face Towards Light 06:01

  • Touko Renko – vocals, guitar
  • Lauri Koskinen – vocals, bass
  • Valtteri Lindholm – drums, backing vocals

Marrasmieli – ”Rehearsal Live”

  1. Marrasmieli (Rehearsal)
  2. Synth Interlude (Rehearsal)
  3. Those Who Are Long Gone (Rehearsal)
  4. Karakorum (Rehearsal)
  5. Aallot (Rehearsal)
  • Nattvind: Drums, vocals and choirs
  • Zannibal: Guitar
  • Maelgor: Bass, recorder, choirs
  • Dødkveld: Synth, percussion, choirs and backing vocals
  • Hordak: Guitar, choirs and backing vocals




Wretched Path – “Heavy Lies The Crown”

  1. Heavy Lies the Crown
  2. Teardrinker
  3. 16 Stabs
  4. No Cure
  5. Kill
  6. Marionette
  7. Still Going to Die
  8. Get it Out
  • Nico Hartonen- Bass
  • Seppo Tarvainen- Drums
  • Esa Salminen- Vocals
  • Teemu Grönberg- Guitars
  • Tapio Oksanen- Guitars



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