U.D.O. julkaisi livevideon ”Wrong Side Of Midnight”


U.D.O. julkaisee ”Live In Bulgaria 2020 – Pandemic Survival Show“ DVD:n 19.3.2021. Nyt katsottavissa esitys kappaleesta ”Wrong Side of Midnight”:

Yhtye tiedotti tulevasta julkaisustaan Facebook-sivullaan aiemmin seuraavasti:

”The year 2020 faced many with tough challenges, but we managed to play a great show under pandemic conditions in front of the breathtaking backdrop of the amphitheater in Plovdiv/Bulgaria. Therefore we are truely grateful and would like to share these magic moments with you.”

“Live In Bulgaria 2020 – Pandemic Survival Show“

1. Intro
2. Tongue Reaper
3. Make The Move
4. Midnight Mover
5. Wrong Side Of Midnight
6. Metal Machine
7. Independence Day
8. Rose In The Desert
9. Vendetta
10. Rising High
11. Prologue: The Great Unknown
12. In The Darkness
13. I Give As Good As I Get
14. Princess Of The Dawn
15. Timebomb
16. Drum Solo
17. Bass Solo
18. Hungry And Angry
19. One Heart One Soul
20. Man And Machine
21. Animal House
22. They Want War
23. Metal Heart
24. Fast As Shark
25. Balls To The Wall
26. Outro (Stillness Of Time)

1. Tongue Reaper
2. Make The Move
3. Midnight Mover
4. Wrong Side Of Midnight
5. Metal Machine
6. Independence Day
7. Rose In The Desert
8. Vendetta
9. Rising High
10. Prologue: The Great Unknown
11. In The Darkness
12. I Give As Good As I Get
13. Princess Of The Dawn

1. Timebomb
2. Drum Solo
3. Bass Solo
4. Hungry And Angry
5. One Heart One Soul
6. Man And Machine
7. Animal House
8. They Want War
9. Metal Heart
10. Fast As Shark
11. Balls To The Wall
12. Outro (Stillness Of Time)

Ennakkotilaukset: https://shop.afm-records.de/search?p=1&q=U.D.O.&o=1&n=36

Lähde: AFM
Kuva: Kuvakaappaus


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