Tarja Turunen julkaisi “Tears In Rain” -musiikkivideon

Tarja Turunen on julkaissut uuden rullaluistelua ja Blade Runner -teemaa yhdistelevän musiikkivideon ”Tears In Rain” tulevalta ”In The Raw” –albumilta, joka ilmestyy ear Musicin kautta 30.8.2019. Albumilla vierailevat Soilworkin Björn ”Speed” Strid, Lacuna Coilin Christina Scabbia sekä Kamelotin Tommy Karevik.

Tarja kertoo uudesta kappaleesta ja videosta seuraavaa:

For my third single ‘Tears in Rain’, I was looking for a strong video. I didn’t want to get into a cliché of tears and rain or a breakup story. The song is about overcoming difficulties that could apply to any aspects of life. The instructions I gave to director Florian Kaltenbach (‘Victim of Ritual’, ‘500 Letters’) was to avoid the obvious. I wanted an action video where I could take part in. He proposed the roller derby idea and I loved it.

I haven’t been on skates too much. I have been ice skating in my youth, but I realized immediately that skating with rollers is a totally different thing. I had to learn, and I only had three days before the video shooting that took place in London!! I knew I was in trouble. It’s already common for me to get hurt in my videos, and this was not an exception. I had an accident in a skatepark near home and dislocated my coccyx (Broke my ass!). Despite of terrible pain I did two shows and the video shoot with a broken butt. So – as in the story of the video – I myself overcame difficulties. If you see me in pain in some parts of the video, that is not acting. The roller girls and the video team took good care of me and I enjoyed the experience despite my condition. I had a lot of fun! When I recover, I wish to take my daughter to skate with me. We both got hooked on roller skating!

Johnny Andrews can make me fly with his ideas for new songs! It has always been a pure pleasure to write with him. After years, he also understands my voice and music taste better, so the writing process is easier in every way. Even though this time we didn’t sit in the same room while the song was shaped, still I have to say this one makes me very happy and proud. When we had finished writing the song, I already felt it as one of the strongest songs from the album. It just has the energy that drives me onward. We used a very famous quote from Ridley Scott’s film ‘Blade Runner’. A classic that sets the tone for the story in the song ‘All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain’.

“In The Raw” on ennakkotilattavissa linkistä.

1. Dead Promises with Björn “Speed” Strid
2. Goodbye Stranger with Cristina Scabbia
3. Tears In Rain
4. Railroads
5. You And I
6. The Golden Chamber
Loputon yö
7. Spirits Of The Sea
8. Silent Masquerade with Tommy Karevik
9. Serene
10. Shadow Play

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