Summoning lupailee uutta albumia.


Itävaltalainen tunnelmallinen black metal – yhtye Summoning on antanut haastattelun Darkview:lle, jossa kertoo uuden albumin valmistusprosessin käynnistyneen. Yhtyeen edellinen albumi ”Old Mornings Dawn” julkaistiin vuonna 2013.

Yhtyeen jäsen Silenius kommentoi tulevaa albumia seuraavalla tavalla:

Everything started a year ago, when we looked through the remaining riffs from the last ”Old Mornings Dawn” session. We still had some unfinished songs and a few isolated riffs remaining.

”We took them and composed new music around them or took the riffs and added it to new material. At the moment we finished the recording session, but it will still take some time to finish the whole album, because we have to work out a lyrical concept and add the guitar lines to the music.
What we can say is that two songs are dealing with the ”Akallabêth”; the first song refers to ”Ar-pharazôn”. This is a long instrumental song and will be used instead of the usual intro song that was a kind of tradition for all our albums ’till now.

The second song deals with the downfall of the ”Númenor”.This is the information we have at the moment, everything else is still in process.”

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