Sabaton julkaisi uuden musiikkivideon ”Attack Of The Dead Men” -kappaleesta

Sabaton on julkaissut uuden musiikkivideon kappaleesta ”Attack Of The Dead Men”. Biisi löytyy yhtyeen viimeisimmältä studiolevyltä ”The Great War”.

Basisti Pär Sundström kommentoi:

The video features Sabaton wearing gas masks while performing ”The Attack Of The Dead Men” during our latest European tour. Little could we imagine that today a huge amount of the world’s population would wear masks daily thanks to this f***ing virus that has paralyzed our beloved metal community. We miss doing this, we miss you… no livestream can ever replace the feeling of being in the audience for a metal concert.

”Attack Of The Dead Men” kertoo Osowiecin linnakkeen taistelusta vuonna 1915:

During the Battle of Osowiec Fortress in 1915, German Field Marshal Paul Von Hindenburg ordered the bombardment of the fortress with an artillery barrage of chlorine gas to eradicate the 900 Russian defenders. After the bombardment 7,000 German soldiers advanced upon the fortress expecting little to no resistance when 100 disfigured Russians, coughing up blood and pieces of their own lungs, surprised the Germans with a counter-charge. The zombie-like Russians opened fire and attacked the Germans with affixed bayonets causing mass panic and forced the Germans to flee back into their own traps inflicting more casualties. The remaining Russian defenders who survived the gas attacks seized the opportunity to raze the fortress and withdraw while the Germans hesitated. ”The Attack of the Dead Men” spawned German legends about unkillable Russian soldiers rising from the dead to fight.

Lähde: Sabaton
Kuva: Peter Saari ©Metalliluola


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