New Years Day julkaisi musiikkivideon kappaleestaan ”Skeletons”

Kuva: New Years Day

New Years Day julkaisi vastikään uuden levynsä ”Unbreakable”. Nyt levyltä on katsottavissa musiikkivideo ”Skeletons”-kappaleesta.

Yhte kommentoi kappaletta: “It’s clear to me that Skeletons is a favorite along the NYD fan community since day 1. Something about this song resonates. The right mix between heavy, soft, strong and soft vocals really made it stand out on our record from the rest. The song is about opening up and letting you who hide inside come out, so for that reason, I performed the song alone on the music video. It’s tough because it makes you vulnerable as a rock front woman to be without you band but it changed the performance into something pretty unique from out other music videos. I hope everyone enjoys it.”.

New Years Day:


Lähde: Century Media
Kuva: New Years Day


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