Majesty lopettaa uransa ja julkaisee viimeisen levynsä “Back to Attack” tänä vuonna

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Metalliyhtye Majesty lopettaa uransa ja julkaisee yhtyeen viimeisen levyn “Back to Attack” tänä vuonna. Bändin viimeiseksi esiintymiseksi jäänee Würzburgin levynjulkaisukeikka 28.4.2023.

Yhtye kertoo:

“Hello all you metalheads out there,
these words are very hard for us but at the same time we thought about them for quite some time now. “Back To Attack” which is kind of our comeback album after more than 3 years will also be our last album and the show we will play on the 28thof April will be the last Majesty show. We think that we managed to put everything the band stands for into one last mighty album and at the same time we kind of realized that from now on everything we could do would be just copy ourselves.
Over all these 10 official Majesty albums the story seems to be completely told now and we don ́t just want to repeat it again with slightly different versions which could never be as unique as the original songs.One thing is also crystal clear for us. We don ́t want to just fade out with some more “business as usual” albums and shows with no surprises anymore. We know that there are lots of bands out there who are doing that and completely feel fine with it. But for us we just don ́t want to do that. With “Back To Attack” the magic of this band was still there and even more powerful than in many years before so we believe that this album will be the perfect one to end the chapter in complete happiness and the feeling of freedom.Instead of a club tour on small stages we now want to make the “Back To Attack” Release show on the 28thof April even bigger than planned and play new songs and all our greatest hits on a big stage with all the energy we all together as a band and you in front of the stage can give.
We really hope that you all can at least partlyunderstand our decision which was so hard to make for us but it just feels right to end it this way with a mighty album and a kick ass show. And even if some people might think this is kind of a promotional thing, it is definitely not. We always believedthat we should do what we feel and this means to follow our heart. You never know what the future brings but for now the book of MAJESTY ends on April the 28th

Tarek, Emanuel, Robin and Jan”

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