Jungle Rot ja Destructionin Schmier yhdistävät voimansa uudella kappaleella

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Amerikkalainen death metal –veteraani Jungle Rot on julkaissut uuden kappaleen ”Fearmonger” 10. studiolevyltään “Jungle Rot”, joka saapuu kauppoihin heinäkuussa. Uudessa kappaleessa vierailee Destructionin vokalisti/basisti Schmier:

Jungle Rotin Dave Matrise keroo kappaleesta ja levystä seuraavaa:

We covered the Destruction classic ‘Invincible Force’ some years ago and Schmier told me ours is his favorite Destruction cover he has ever heard from any band. Years later we toured together and right away Schmier approached me to start singing the song with him in concert. His trademark style and my vocals worked so well together that when I began writing this new record, the idea immediately came up to have him as a guest vocalist. He loved it and was honored to be a part of it. That’s how we created ‘Fearmonger’.

I definitely needed to put something on the album for my fallen brother, and another track directed at the cowardly scumbag who took his young life, which is ‘Pumped Full Of Lead.’ I’ve had a lot of pain to write with, so that is my message – life is pain. We are Jungle Rot. This is Jungle Rot. Bands may want to call it a day, hang up their axes and go to bed, that is their call, but that is of no consequence to us or our plotted course. By the early 1990’s, the death metal revolution was ready to overthrow the stagnant metal scene and 20+ years later, our job has not changed.

“Jungle Rot” ilmestyy 20.7.2018. Kansitaide on Gyula Havancsakin käsialaa.

Kansi ja kappalelista:

1.Send Forth Oblivion
2.Delusional Denial
3.A Burning Cinder
5.Fearmonger (featuring Schmier)
6.Stay Dead
7.Glory For The Fallen
8.Pumped Full Of Lead
9.Twisted Mind
10.Terrible Certainty (Kreator)


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