Jeff Becerra tulevasta Possessed-albumista: ”Raskasta, satanistista death metallia”.

Possessed-keulamies Jeff Becerra on uudessa CapitalChaos TV:lle antamassaan haastattelussa kertonut tulevasta uudesta studiolevystä, joka julkaistaan kesällä 2018 Nuclear Blastin kautta. Becerran mukaan kolme kappaletta on valmiina ja luvassa on yhtyeen tyylin mukaisesti raskasta, satanistista death metallia. Kyseessä on bändin ensimmäinen levy vuoden 1986 ”Beyond The Gatesin” jälkeen. Laulaja kertoo jouduttuaan vuonna 1990 ammutuksi ja halvaannuttuaan, toipumisen vieneen kauan aikaa ja lisäksi useat miehistönvaihdokset ovat pitäneet yhtyeen poissa studiosta. Nyt kokoonpano on kuitenkin paras mahdollinen ja mies on innoissaan tulevasta albumista.

Becerran kommentit yhtyeestä ja tulevasta levystä alla:

I always had the intention to get Possessed back together but then I got shot and that took 17 ½ years to get my head back screwed on right. I’d always have been driven by the fact that I wanted to play with Possessed again and to be honest 23 members later, it took me a long time to find a group of guys that I would want to call Possessed.

(Asked if the new material includes blast beats) I’m not opposed to blast beats. We’ve always tried to be heavy and I don’t think we are a blast beat type of band. But I’d be open to any possibility if it sounds good. I’ve written 3 songs on the new album and one of them is about as close to blast beats as you can in one part but I’m not going to be contingent on blast beats. I’m going to do whatever fits the song if it’s heavy. It’s Possessed man, we’re a satanic death metal band, we don’t have rules. People are playing real music, it’s not enough to just be the heaviest most satanic any more, you have to play real music because our audience is intelligent. Being heavy is a novelty and I just want to put out the very best quality death metal album.

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