In This Momentin ja Rob Halfordin yhteisesitys “Black Wedding” kuunneltavissa

Amerikkalainen metalcorea ja goottiheviä sekoittava In This Moment julkaisi kuudennen albuminsa ”Ritual” perjantaina 21.7.2017. Levyltä löytyvä Judas Priest-legenda Rob Halfordin kanssa esitetty kappale ”Black Wedding” on nyt kuunneltavissa:

In This Momentin kitaristi Chris Howorth kertoo yhteistyöstä Halfordin kanssa:

Maria (Brink) was doing the lyrics, and it’s almost like a duet, but she’s singing to herself with the mother and the priest. [And we thought] Rob Halford is the priest, and he would be the coolest dude ever to have on this song. A couple of years ago, he actually expressed interest in our band and came to see us. It blew our minds completely. We were, like, ’Oh my God! I can’t believe it. He’s really gonna come see us.’ And he actually did come see us. And we kind of became friends with him from that point. He’s been super influential to us, and even Maria. He’s always been into the theatrics, with the whips and the bike and all this stuff. And when we were doing the song, Maria was, like, ’I’m gonna see if Rob’s interested in doing this’, and he jumped right on it. And it’s so cool to have him on this song with us, man… Unfortunately, we weren’t [in the studio] when he was there [laying down his vocals]. It was right at the end. We had done all of our parts, and we left, and he came out two days later and tracked his parts with [producer] Kevin [Churko]. So we didn’t actually get to hang out with him when he did it, but we saw pictures. He’s actually worked with our producer Kevin before; he did that Five Finger Death Punch song ’Lift Me Up’ with him. So he knew Kevin, and it was real easy. He’s such a pro.

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