Ihsahnin uusi musiikkivideo ”Stridig” katsottavissa


Emperor-keulamies Ihsahn on julkaissut uuden videon kappaleesta ”Stridig”. Biisi ennakoi Ihsahnin 14.2.2020 ilmestyvää ensimmäistä osaa kahdesta EP:stä. ”Telemark” esittelee raskaampaa puolta artistin musiikista, kun taas myöhemmin julkaistava toinen EP progressiivisempaa ilmaisua.

Ihsahn kommentoi:

Having released full-length records nearly every second year since I was 16, I felt it might be time to try something else. Also, I wanted to approach what I do in a way that felt natural but also to try to adapt it to the way that music is now performed and experienced. I have seven solo albums out now, so the first EP is like a small recap, in a way. I did touch on some of the same thematics with ’Arktis’, but this time it’s closer to home, both musically and, dare I say, culturally.

The plan is to then follow up this EP with its aesthetic and musical counterpart, wherein I can distil all those more progressive, experimental and mellow elements of my music. Ultimately, it’s all a means for me to get some of those ideas out of my system, giving myself space before I delve into the next album.

”Telemark” kansitaide ja kappalelista:

1. Stridig
2. Nord
3. Telemark
4. Rock And Roll Is Dead (Lenny Kravitz cover)
5. Wrathchild (Iron Maiden cover)

Lähde: Ihsahn
Kuva: Raisa Krogerus ©Metalliluola


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