Exumerilta musiikkivideo kappaleesta “King’s End”

Kuva: Silvy Maatman Photography

Thrash metal – veteraani Exumer on julkaissut uuden musiikkivideon kappaleesta “King’s End”. Biisi on nostettu yhtyeen äskettäin Metal Bladen kautta ilmestyneeltä levyltä ”Hostile Defiance”.

Exumerin keulamies Mem V. Stein kommentoi videosta seuraavaa:

We were approached by our buddy Goreminister, who has his own You Tube channel and is a pretty known character in the Metal scene in and around Essen, if we would be interested in a new video that resembles old Headbanger’s Ball clips. We instantly were on board with the concept and are now excited to launch something that uniquely resembles the early 90s over the top videos we devoured back when Metal was still on Television.

Kuva: Silvy Maatman Photography
Lähde: Metal Blade


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