Espanjalaisen black metal -yhtye Dantalionin single “Novena Wake Begins” kuunneltavissa

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Espanjasta tuleva black metal -yhtye Dantalion julkaisee 8.9.2023 uuden albuminsa “Fatum”. Nyt kuunneltavissa albumin ensimmäinen single “Novena Wake Begins”.

‘Novena Wake Begins’, the first single from the record, is a direct song which shows the classic feeling delivered by the band. The melodic guitars mix darkness and melancholy with agonizing voices which remind you necromantic rituals and the popular culture of Santa Muerte”.

Tilaa levy:

Sanguinist – Vocals
Netzja – Guitars
Vorgh – Guitars
NatnoF – Bass
Naemoth – Drums


Lähde: Neecee Agency