Italialaisen death metal -yhtye Sludge Keeperin albumi “Slough Of Despair” kuunneltavissa

Italialaisen death metal -yhtye Sludge Keeperin debyyttialbumi on julkaistu ja kuunneltavissa. Albumi on nauhoitettu vuosien 2020-2022 välillä ja sen on kirjoittanut Andrea Tocchetto.

Tocchetto kertoo, “As an album, Slough Of Despair holds a special place in my heart. It represents my journey into the dark and relentless realm of death metal, where I have poured our passion, energy, and creativity.
Drawing inspiration from the narrative of the iconic video game Doom, I sought to create an auditory experience that captures the essence of its haunting atmosphere. The themes explored in Slough Of Despair delve into the depths of human suffering, despair, and the existential struggles we all face. Through the music, I aim to convey the intensity of these emotions and connect with our listeners on a profound level.”

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