Doro julkaisee “Backstage To Heaven” -EP:n maaliskuussa

Metallin kuningatar Doro julkaisee neljän kappaleen vinyyli-EP:n “Backstage To Heaven” maaliskuussa. EP sisältää kaksi biisiä laulajattaren viimeisimmältä “Forever Warriors/Forever United” –levyltä sekä kaksi ennenjulkaisematonta livekappaletta.

Doro kommentoi:

I wish you all a happy new year, it will surely become a rocking 2019! I’m really looking forward to the upcoming European tour in March and therefore we come up with something very special: We will have a new single out as a beautiful, coloured 10inch vinyl. The title track ’Backstage To Heaven’ is another fan favorite of our double album ”Forever Warriors // Forever United” and we had the famous German comedian and musician Helge Schneider in the studio as an exceptional guest, playing a saxophone solo. The following ’Heartbroken’ has another high profile guest: Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio, The Dead Daisies a.o.) contributes an impressive guitar solo and the B-side also offers something exclusive: two brand new live recordings from the first part of the ”Forever Warriors // Forever United” tour, featuring a crunchy version of ’Blood, Sweat And Rock’n’Roll’ and an exclusive recording of ’If I Can’t Have You No One Will’, along with my duet partner Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth.

8.3.2019 Nuclear Blastin kautta ilmestyvän ”Backstage To Heavenin” kansi ja kappalelista:

A Side:
1. Backstage To Heaven (feat. Helge Schneider)
2. Heartbroken (feat. Doug Aldrich)
B Side:
3. Blood, Sweat and Rock n’ Roll (live)
4. If I can‘t have you – No one will (feat. Johan Hegg) (live)

Ennakkotilausta voi jättää linkistä.

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