Destruction julkaisee uuden levyn ”Born To Perish” elokuussa

Destruction julkaisee uransa 17. studiolevyn ”Born To Perish” 9.8.2019 Nuclear Blastin kautta. Ensimmäinen teaser-video musiikkinäytteineen on katsottavissa alta:

Keulamies Schmier kommentoi:

This is indeed a very important album for us. There is a certain positive strength in the new line up and it feels really great. Whoever has seen us live lately maybe will understand what I mean and for sure that has an important influence on this record.

“Born To Perish” is more in your face, it is fast and furious, has more crazy guitars and a has a very groovy & punchy backbone with Mr. Randy Black! But for sure it features some of the best raging Destruction songs we’ve written in quite a while.

Rumpali Randy Black lisää:

I’ve recorded quite a few thrash records over the years but never have I laid down drum tracks this intense, brutal and dynamic. It will be a nice challenge indeed to play those new songs live! I am very happy I could also contribute to the songwriting of the record, as Mike and Schmier were really open for ideas!

This album is packed with amazing songs, rippin` riffs, blistering vocals and great lead solos shared by Mike and Damir. To be honest at first I was not thrilled about adding another guitar player cause I loved the trio but Damir has been such a great addition, both as a player and as a person – he really is a perfect fit for Destruction!

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