Decaying julkaisee ”Shells Will Fall” -albumin: video nimikappaleesta katsottavissa.


Tiedote 24.3.2020

Helsinkiläinen death metal -yhtye Decaying julkaisee uuden albumin ”Shells Will Fall” 29.5.2020 FDA Recordsin kautta. Levy seuraa vuoden 2018 ”To Cross The Line” -pitkäsoittoa ja ennakkotilausta saa jätettyä linkistä. Uusi video nimikappaleesta on katsottavissa alta.

Yhtye kertoo levystä seuraavaa:

“Shells Will Fall” is our tightest and most aggressive album so far. It is also the first album that features the current lineup, which has been together since 2017. The doom elements can still be found, but mostly the material on “Shells Will Fall” is crushing and brutal mid tempo devastation, in the way you can expect from Decaying! Eight songs of pure old school death metal, without any compromises. Ever since our debut “Encirclement” we have been wanting to make a full album that focuses around the Great War. Finally the riffs and the lyrics came together, so to speak, and the stunning artwork from Toderico Art sealed the deal! So, prepare to enter the carnage…


No more words to say !

Kansitaide ja kappalelista:

1. Shells Will Fall
2. Into The Straits
3. Break The Stalemate
4. Frontier
5. Scattered Remains
6. Carnage
7. Submerged
8. No Return

Sebastian Bergman – Bass
Henri Hirvonen – Guitars
Olli Törrönen – Drums
Matias Nastolin – Guitars, Vocals

Kuva: Decaying

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