CyHra julkaisi “Battle From Within” –singlen ja lyriikkavideon

CyHra on julkaissut uuden singlen ja lyriikkavideon kappaleesta ”Battle From Within” bändin tulevalta toiselta levyltä ’No Halos In Hell’. Levy julkaistaan Nuclear Blastin kautta 15.11.2019. Ennakkotilausta saa jätettyä linkistä.

Kappale kertoo laulaja Jake E.:n itsemurhan tehneestä veljestä. Jake taustoittaa biisiä seuraavasti:

For over 10 years I pushed my feelings aside.

I thought I was strong… but in reality I just kept digging that hole deeper and deeper.

One day during the writing process of ”No Halos In Hell” I was sitting by the piano, and while I was singing some gibberish to make up a vocal line for one of the songs, I felt something. And when I went back to listen to what I had just recorded, I realized that this was more than just gibberish to me.

I guess it was my own mind that started to process things.

My brother, Fredrik, was taken away from me and my family way too early. Just as so many other human beings who decide every year to leave this earth on their own initiative.

When we discussed the video, I really didn’t ”just” wanna do another normal lyric video. My Fiancee came up with the brilliant idea to involve the fans. We contacted our fanbase through our social media platforms, and the response was truly beyond overwhelming. We got more participants that we could fit in! The subject was close to our fans hearts – and I am eternally grateful for their participation!

My brother was strong, funny, and full of life and loved to work on his boat.

This song is for people like my brother.

I want them to hear this song before it’s too late. We only have one life! And even if you sometimes feel as though life isn’t worth fighting for, trust me, it is! When I look at my kids I can’t stop thinking about what a fantastic uncle he would have been, and it hurts me that he was never able to meet them. I know how much they would have loved him.

My parents lost a son. And me and my sister lost a brother.

He is forever missed and loved as we keep fighting our battle from within.

Metalliluolan tuoreen CyHra-haastattelun saa lukuun linkistä.

1. Out Of My Life
2. No Halos In Hell
3. Battle From Within
4. I Am The One
5. Bye Bye Forever
6. Dreams Gone Wrong
7. Lost In Time
8. Kings Tonight
9. I Had Your Back
10. Blood Brothers
11. Hit Me
12. Man Of Eternal Rain

Lähde: Nuclear Blast
Kuva: Raisa Krogerus ©Metalliluola


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