With The Deadin toinen albumi ”Love From With The Dead” ilmestyy syyskuussa


Cathedral-keulamies Lee Dorrianin johtama doom-yhtye With The Dead julkaisee toisen albuminsa ”Love From With The Dead” syyskuussa. Tuskassa kesällä 2016 synkistelleessä yhtyeessä vaikuttaa myös entinen Electric Wizard basisti Tim Bagshaw. Bändin debyytti ilmestyi vuonna 2015.

Dorrian kommentoi tulevaa levyä:

The thinking was that the first LP was meant to be the heaviest we could possibly make, but then what do you next? Well, the only thing you can do is make the next one even heavier. So that was the ambition and the intention, to make it even more crushing. But to be able to do that you have to be crushed yourself. This last couple of years have been quite soul-destroying. There’s been a lot of personal shit going on, and during this whole process so much fucking bad shit has happened in my personal life and other people’s personal lives. Everything you hear on this LP, the angst is very real. I’ve never felt so disillusioned with life and the world around me, not since the first Cathedral album. I’m 50 next year and you’re supposed to mellow out when you get older, but why? I don’t feel like mellowing out. The world’s getting worse, the atmosphere is getting heavier, people treat each other like shit and there’s so much negativity, how are you supposed to chill out when all that’s going on? I’m in a privileged position to be able to be in a band like this, so why fuck around? The band’s called With The Dead and it’s a doom band, why would you want to mellow out? It’s got to be pure nihilism or nothing.

22.9.2017 Rise Above Recordsin kautta julkaistavan albumin lisätiedot:

2.Egyptian Tomb
3.Reincarnation Of Yesterday
4.Cocaine Phantoms
5.Watching The Ward Go By

Lähde: Rise Above Records
Kuva: Ester Segarra


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