Violation Wound julkaisi ”The Day Lemmy Died” –tribuutin Motörhead-ikonille

Autopsy-keulamies Chris Reifertin punk-kokoonpano Violation Wound on julkaissut uuden singlen “The Day Lemmy Died” tuoreelta albumiltaan ”Dying To Live, Living Till Die”. Kyseessä on vuonna 2015 kuollutta Motörhead-ikonia kunnioittava kappale.

I don’t want the songs to overstay their welcome. It’s better to leave them wanting more…

1. Off With His Head
2. Guns! Guns! Guns!
3. No Consequence
4. Follower
5. Lack Of Focus
6. Dead Flags
7. Exorcism Of Ignorance
8. Neighborhood Psycho
9. The Day Lemmy Died
10. Stress Bomb
11. Chainsaw Brain
12. Dying To Live, Living To Die
13. Last Pill In The Bottle
14. Pay To Hate
15. Insult Culture
16. Pick Up The Crumbs
17. Losers And Freaks
18. Hostage

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