Unleashed johtaa viikingit sotaan uudella kappaleella ”Lead Us Into War”

Kuva: Jens Rydén

Ruotsin death metal –veteraani Unleashed julkaisee uransa 13. levyn ”The Hunt For White Christ” 26.10.2018 Napalm-levymerkin kautta. Bändi on julkaissut Loudwiren kautta levyn ensimmäisen singlen ”Lead Us Into War”:

Keulamies Johnny Hedlund kertoo Loudwirelle tulevan albumin tarinasta seuraavaa:

Since the new album is the fourth consecutive album dealing with the same storyline, that of the story of Odalheim, I will say that the ”storyline” was already written before the music came to life. Now, I still had to do some serious planning to see which songs that would fit which lyrical theme, inside the story so to speak. And hell, I changed this many times along the road too. It is no simple task I must admit.The vibe of each song must fit to each segment of the storyline and sometimes that just doesn’t match at all. And yes, the feeling I’d like to create with this storyline is that of a post-apocalyptic world that we call Odalheim and that it sprang from the old world, which is the one we live in today. I guess, for any old vulture like myself, this is much like when I was a kid looking at Mad Max or the like. Only this damn thing kind of keeps rolling in my head and just keep expanding.

1. Lead Us Into War
2. You Will Fall
3. Stand Your Ground
4. Gram
5. Terror Christ
6. They Rape The Land
7. The City Of Jorsala Shall Fall
8. The Hunt For White Christ
9. Vidaurgelmthul
10. By The Western Wall
11. Open To All The World

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