Testament julkaisi uuden singlen ”Children Of The Next Level”

Testament julkaisee “Titans Of Creation” –albumin 3.4.2020 Nuclear Blastin kautta. Levyn uusimman singlen ”Children Of The Next Level” saa kuunteluun alta:
Yhtye nähtiin helmikuussa Helsingin The Circuksessa ja jälleen tulevana kesänä John Smith Rock Festivaleilla.

Keulamies Chuck Billy kommentoi:

To all our Testament Legions out there… we hope you have been playing the shit out of our first single ’Night of the Witch’ and are ready for our second release ’Children of the Next Level’. I know we are ready to play it live, so March 6th we are going to debut it for our fans attending the show at the O2 Academy in London. We are going to ask them to pull out there cameras and put up videos for everyone to enjoy and thrash it up! Hey fucking Metal For ever!!!!!!

1. Children Of The Next Level
3. Dream Deceiver
4. Night Of The Witch
5. City Of Angels
6. Ishtars Gate
7. Symptoms
8. False Prophet
9. The Healers
10. Code Of Hammurabi
11. Curse Of Osiris
12. Catacombs

Lähde: Nuclear Blast
Kuva: Hannu Juutilainen ©Metalliluola


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