Tankard julkaisi videon ”Schwarz-weiß wie Schnee” -kappaleesta


Tankard julkaisi videon ”Schwarz-weiß wie Schnee” -kappaleesta.

Yhtye kommentoi: ”After the complete Waldstadion in the last few years continuously sang ”We’ll get the U-UEFA CUP” instead of ”We’ll get the DFB Cup” during the players’ run-in during the refrain of ”Schwarz-weiß wie Schnee” (Black and white like snow), it was obvious to record a new version of our song with slightly changed lyrics at some point. Not least because of the incredible emotions at our performance at the Fan-Fest in Sevilla on 18.05.22 and the subsequent win of the Euroleague, we decided to put this into action now.

After I was allowed to perform ”Schwarz-Weiß wie Schnee” (Black and white like snow) live in different versions and music styles together with Roy Hammer & and the Pralinèes and Revolte Tanzbein, we had the idea to get these two bands on board for this EP. I think we more than succeeded in this genre-spanning experiment and we are more than grateful to both bands for their versions.

Without in any way diminishing the terrific performance of the current team: Jürgen Grabowski, however, was, is and will forever remain the greatest Eintracht player of all time. Not only was the Euro-League won for Eintracht’s honorary captain, who sadly passed away far too early this year, but this EP is of course also dedicated to him! Therefore also the title: With the Jürgen! For Jürgen!

We would like to thank Eintracht-TV and our roadie Frank Schlund, who provided us with the footage from the fan festival in Seville to realize this video clip and to capture the unbelievable atmosphere forever! A day for eternity!”

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