Space Chaser julkaisi uuden albumin ja musiikkivideon ”Antidote to Order”

Saksan Berliinistä tuleva Space Chaser julkaisi uuden albuminsa ”Give Us Life” ja musiikkivideon ”Antidote to Order”.

Space Chaser kommentoi: ”Check out the video clip to ’Antidote to Order’. This is old school Space Chaser. After the high tech epos that is ’Remnants of Technology’ and its prequel ’The Immortals’, you will get some unadulterated thrash metal vibes. Old school arcade games, beer and thrash metal – who’s on board?
Also, ’Give Us Life’ is finally out! We’re so happy that our strongest material to-date is now unleashed, and we are stoked to see what the fans think of it – plus, what the future holds in store for us. See you on the other side!”

”What we do is contemporary Thrash Metal, if you will, and while still having the ’old-school’ elements everyone loves, we try to incorporate some of the influences that we expose ourselves to. Over the last ten years, this kind of music progressed a lot, and of course that has its influence on us. But what we do is still Thrash Metal, we just hope we’re able to translate it a little bit better into 2021.”

Tilaa albumi:

Give Us Life track-listing
1. Remnants of Technology
2. Juggernaut
3. Cryoshock
4. A.O.A
5. The Immortals
6. Signals
7. Burn Them All
8. Give Us Life
9. Antidote to Order
10. Dark Descent

Space Chaser line-up:
Siegfried Rudzynski: vocals
Leo Schacht: guitars
Martin Hochsattel: guitars
Sebastian Kerlikowski: bass
Matthias Scheuerer: drums

Space Chaser online:

Lähde: Nuclear Blast


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