Sinfonista metallia soittava Phoebus The Knight julkaisi uuden EP:n ”The Last Guardian”

Kuva: Phoebus The Knight

Ranskalainen sinfonista- ja oopperametallia sekoitteleva Phoebus The Knight julkaisi uuden EP:n ”The Last Guardian”.

Yhtye kertoo: ”This EP consists of a prologue of the story of the fight between Phoebus and his companions against the terrible Beast. It tells the beginning of the French revolution, how the Beast attacked the dwarf city of Baraz Dûm in Island to detonate a volcano that will have a terrible effect on the agriculture in France and trigger the revolution, how the Beast manipulates the people to lead them to violence during la Prise de la Bastille, how Phoebus and his friends will participate in the signature of the Declaration of human rights and finally, how the Beast will kidnap one of the most important ally of the light, the Iron Queen, the last guardian. All of these events will lead to what will happen in our upcoming album, ”Ferrum Fero Ferro Feror”.


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