Simulacrum julkaisi ”Arrhythmic Distortions” -videon tulevalta ”Genesis”-levyltä

Kuva: Simulacrum

Kotimainen Simulacrum julkaisi ”Arrhythmic Distortions” -videon tulevalta ”Genesis”-levyltään, joka julkaistaan 12.2.2021.

“The song ’Nothing Remains’ is a hard hitting, high tempo progressive metal song I wrote for this album. I tried to honour some of my early musical influences, like Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer when I wrote this tune and you can hear this in some of the chunking riffs and the infernal thrash metal segment that is in between the keyboard and guitar solo. The band did a top notch performance for this song, so we wanted to make a music video for it. The music video is almost like a female Robocop oriented story of a soldier who signs up for cybernetic body augmentation and loses a part of her humanity with every upgrade, until almost nothing remains… hence the name of the song. At the end of the video you can see the spark of humanity that is left in her, when she spares the life of the rebel fighter. We hope you all enjoy this single as much as we enjoyed making it!” kertoo Christian “Chrism” Pulkkinen, yhtyeen perustaja ja kosketinsoittaja.

Video: Chrism (Dark Noise Productions) (

Levyn biisilista:

1. Traumatized

2. Nothing Remains

3. Arrhythmic Distortions

4. Like You, Like Me

5. Scorched Earth

6. Genesis Part 1: The Celestial Architect

7. Genesis Part 2: Evolution Of Man

8. Genesis Part 3: The Human Equation

9. Genesis Part 4: End Of Entropy


Yhtye on:

  • Niklas Broman – Vocals
  • Erik Kraemer – Vocals
  • Christian “Chrism” Pulkkinen – Keyboards & Orchestrations
  • Nicholas “Solomon” Pulkkinen – Guitars
  • Petri Mäkilä – Guitars
  • Olli Hakala – Bass & Chapman Stick
  • Tatu Turunen – Drum Set & Percussion

Lähde: Frontiers
Kuva: Ville Ruusunen


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