Sharon den Adel – Within Temptationin lämmin sydän.


Melodisen metallin hollantilainen kestosuosikki Within Temptation saapuu konsertoimaan Espoon Metro Areenalle. Metalliluola tavoitti yhtyeen laulaja Sharon den Adelin juuri Suomen keikan kynnyksellä.

Venäjältä reilu viikko sitten alkanut kiertue promotoi bändin tulevaa ja Sharonin mukaan yhtyeen kaikkien aikojen nopeimmin valmistutunutta albumia, joka sai nimekseen “Resist”. Välillä kadoksissa ollut inspiraatio levyn tekoon löytyi keväällä julkaistun Sharonin “My Indigo” -soololevyn myötä ja nyt Within Temptationin kanssa kiertue aloitettiin jo hyvissä ajoin ennen joulukuulle kaavailtua levyjulkaisua. Tänä syksynä yleisöllä on hieno ja harvinainen mahdollisuus päästä kuulemaan uuden materiaalin live-esityksiä ennen studioversioita. Alla olevasta haastattelusta löytyy Sharonin mietteitä uuden albumin tiimoilta sekä muistoja bändin jo 20-vuotisen uran varrelta.

Hello Sharon! How are you doing and how has the new tour been running so far?

I’m doing fine, thanks. We’ve had a great start of the tour. Fans are enthusiastic about the show and the new songs we have played so far.

Your previous album “Hydra” was released four years ago. What happened in between? We know you released your own “My Indigo” –soloalbum and new Within Temptation –record is also soon out there…

It seems a long time but in those four years a lot has happened; touring the world and writing two albums, one solo album and the new Within Temptation album 🙂

”My Indigo” is brilliant record with great atmosphere. How was this “turn left” received within the band?

They actually expected a solo album way sooner, like years ago … lol. Everyone else has had their projects, so they were cool with it.

Your new record “Resist” will be released later this year. What are your feelings now that the album is finished? How did the making of the record go?

Relieved, that is the word that comes to mind. At a certain point I wasn’t sure if there would ever be a new record again due to lack of inspiration, but after making my solo album, ideas and enjoyment to write again returned. This album was written and recorded within one year, which is a new record for us.

Does the album have any specific theme or story?

Our main source comes from the digital age we are living in and the danger that comes along with it. About algorithms and new laws, about multinationals and governments that try to monitor every move we all make.

On ”Hydra” we heard several different guests (Tarja Turunen, Howard Jones, Dave Pirner and rap artist Xzibit). How about “Resist”? Are there any rap artists involved this time as well?

We love the song with Xzibit but we didn’t write a follow up.

You will perform in Finland, at Espoo’s Metro Areena 20.10.2018. You have visited Finland many times before, and especially shows at Tavastia-club (2005) and The Circus (2011) in Helsinki and Espoo’s Kivenlahtirock in 2014. Any special memories from those gigs?

I remember passionate fans singing and screaming long every word out and festivals where the sun didn’t go down. It reminds me how difficult your language is in an effort to say something special to the audience.

Your new live set features many songs from the upcoming record. How has the response to new material been?

Really good so far, we’ve played five new songs. Thanks to the internet everyone already can sing them along.

Was it conscious decision to start the tour before the release of the album?

Yes, it new to us as well but didn’t see any harm in doing it this way.

The world of music has been changing towards the downloading and digitalization. Luckily traditions are also held in high regard you will shortly release vinyl editions of your early albums “Enter” and “The Dance”. What is your opinion on digital music and traditional physical formats?

Also for us the digital release is getting more important with every album but we still have a lot of fans who enjoy and want the traditional physical formats.

Within Temptation is now 20 years old. How do you view the journey between “Enter” and “Resist” 2004 “The Silent Force’s” hit “Stand My Ground” must have been a big cornerstone and showed path to the future?

Looking back on our albums, I can see that every record is very different than the next one. “Mother Earth” was our first breakthrough album to the mainstream and Europe and “The Silent Force” was important because the album was a success even beyond Europe. It brought us to Finland, America and Japan to name a few, so yes indeed it was a huge turning point.

Where do you see Within Temptation five or 10 years from now?

I have learned not to look that far ahead. You never know what tomorrow brings. Taking it one album at a time.

Final greetings to the readers of Metalliluola and your Finnish fans?

Glad to back in your country, with the best Rock bars anywhere. And one day when I have a bit more time in Finland I would love to see an ice hockey game.

See you all soon in Espoo!

Within Temptation Espoon Metro Areenalla lauantaina 20.10.2018. Illan lämppärinä toimii ruotsalainen Smash Into Pieces.

Ovet klo 19.00
Smash Into Pieces n. klo 20.00
Within Temptation n. klo 21.15

Haastattelu & Kivenlahtirock 2014 kuvat: Hannu Juutilainen

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