Scars Of Solitude julkaisi uuden singlen ja videon ”Relapse”

Kuva: J-V Hintikka

Tiedote 28.2.2019

Äänekoskelainen trioksi kutistunut Scars Of Solitude on julkaissut uuden singlen ja videon kappaleesta ”Relapse”. Yhtye etsii parhaillaan uutta kitaristia täydentämään kokoonpanoa.

Scars Of Solitude on perustettu vuonna 2015 ja musiikkia voisi kuvailla täyteläiseksi sekoitukseksi melodiaa ja suomalaista melankoliaa höystettynä itseinholla ja toiveella haudan rauhasta.

Yhtye kommentoi uutta kappaletta ja bändin tilannetta:

We wanted to take a heavier, more riff-led approach for the first release after line-up changes. “Relapse” tells about addiction – wanting to let go of something that harms you, but falling back to the starting point time and time again, just more frustrated. In a way, you could mirror our band’s situation with it; we’re again at the starting point with Niki [Kuivakangas, drums] and Lassi [Pollari, bass].

There’s been a lot going on after our last release. We’ve clearly matured both as people and musicians, doing different projects, like some of us opening for Hallatar’s club tour with Aleah Starbridge tribute. You could feel in the last recording sessions that we’re on the same page, music-wise and otherwise. Right now, it’d be important to find a reliable fella to reinforce our guitar section, with naturally more responsibility now that I’m attempting to produce sounds with my vocal cords in addition to guitarist duties. We’re not in a hurry with the next full-length, but I’m sure that by fall we’ll have our line-up complete and be in better live shape than ever!

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Vocals & Guitar: Tuomo Laulainen
Bass: Lassi Pollari
Drums: Niki Kuivakangas


Kuva: J-V Hintikka


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