Re-Armed julkaisee uuden sopimuksen saattelemana albumin kesäkuussa 2020


Tiedote 16.11.2019

Kotimainen melodista death metallia esittävä Re-Armed on tehnyt uuden levytyssopimuksen ruotsalaisen Black Lion Recordsin kanssa. Yhtyeen neljäs studiolevy julkaistaan maailmanlaajuisesti kesäkuussa 2020. Tätä seuraa kiertue

Yhtye kommentoi seuraavaa:

Throughout the spring and beginning of winter we have been producing and recording new songs for forthcoming yet untitled album. This album will be more dramatic, powerful, and melodic as we promised earlier. In the end of 2018, the single ”Built to Last” gave to audience hint about what has been cooking in our stew lately. We continued to discover more about these incredients. Upcoming release will definitely open new doors for the band. And about the record deal, Olivers attitude, professionalism and genuine love for music made an instant impact on us. We are convinced that this alliance will lead us to even greater achievements in the future.

Oliver Dahlbäck, Black Lion Recordsin johtaja:

We are excited to welcome our first ever Finnish band into Black Lion Records. Re-Armed reached out to us early 2019 and by then it became quite clear that this was indeed a band that had gone behind our radar. While Re-Armed’s music influences can strongely be traced to it’s root influences from Arch Enemy, At The Gates, upon hearing their music video ”Built to Last” we were instantly impressed and has since the start of 2019. The band is currently in the studio recording their new album set for worldwide release in the start of summer 2020. We are always looking to expand our horizions and Finland has certainely been a hotspot for metal in the past years, and a area we truly wanted to reach into so we are very excited to work with Re-Armed on their new record.

Kuva: Raisa Krogerus ©Metalliluola


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