Ranskalaista pahuutta – Kuuntele Merrimackin uusi kappale ”Cesspool Coronation”

Ranskalainen black metal – yhtye Merrimack on julkaisemassa uutta albumia nimeltä ”Omegaphilia”. Julkaisu tulee tapahtumaan kesäkuun 9.päivä Season Of The Mistin toimesta. Nyt kuultavissa on uusi kappale nimeltä ”Cesspool Coronation”.

”We like to invite singers that we consider to be among the very best in the realm of black metal. On our previous record, we worked with MARDUK’s Mortuus. This time we asked Aldrahn (editor’s note: from DØDHEIMSGARD and THORNS) to record few passages for the track ’Cesspool Coronation’. His characteristic voice blends perfectly with the intensity of this song. For the first time, we have also written a part of the lyrics in French, which can be heard in the closing speech. This track starts with mid-tempo riffs and escalate quickly into a frenzy until it reaches its intense climax. It ends with a very simple yet oppressive riff, which is eradicating any leftover of hope and light.”

1. Cauterizing Cosmos
2. The Falsified Son
3. Apophatic Weaponry
4. Gutters of Pain
5. Sights in the Abysmal Lure
6. Cesspool Coronation
7. At the Vanguard of Deception


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