Pänzer julkaissut lyriikkavideon ”We Can Not Be Silenced”

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Pänzer on julkaissut uuden lyriikkavideon “We Can Not Be Silenced” lokakuussa ilmestyvältä “Fatal Command”-levyltä. Destruction-keulamies Schmierin lisäksi kokoonpanoon kuuluvat Hammerfallin kitaristi Pontus Norgren, entinen Accept-rumpali Stefan Schwarzmann sekä bändin vuoden 2014 debyyttilevyn ”Send Them All To Hell” tuottanut kitaristi V.O. Pulver.

Schmier kertoo uudesta kappaleesta seuraavaa:

It is a hot topic: How much of your personal freedom are you willing to sacrifice for our safety? When I dived into this subject and the whole Edward Snowden story, it has really caught me and I had to write a song about it. Is he a hero or a traitor? He is a very smart man for sure, that showed the world the truth about the monitored surveillance system worldwide. The idea to bring fellow friends & musicians into the lyric video was very exciting – we are all free minds and global citizens of this world, I hate to see all we have achieved drifting apart again. The song itself is a really catchy powerful smasher with my fave solo from Pontus of the whole record. I hope people enjoy the music and the topic itself is something worth reading about.

I have a lot of respect for free spirits and mankind needs them to NOT drift into chaos & war again. I know many metalheads don’t wanna deal with politics but this affects all of us in the end!

”Fatal Command” julkaistaan 6.10.2017 Nuclear Blastin kautta.

1. Satan’s Hollow
2. Fatal Command
3. We Can Not Be Silenced
4. I’ll Bring You The Night
5. Scorn And Hate
6. Afflicted
7. Skullbreaker
8. Bleeding Allies
9. The Decline (…And The Downfall)
10. Mistaken
11. Promised Land
Bonus (DIGI and 2LP only!)
12. Wheels Of Steel

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