Neon Angel julkaisee debyyttialbuminsa syyskuussa

Kuva: Markus Laakso

Tiedote 1.6.2020

Tamperelainen synth hard rock -yhtye Neon Angel on tehnyt sopimuksen Sliptrick Recordsin kanssa ja julkaisee debyyttialbuminsa ”Neon Light District” 8.9.2020. Uutta musiikkinäytettä ”Another Kind Of Love” -kappaleesta saa kuunteluun alta.

Yhtyettä kuvataan seuraavasti:

Rising from the infamous streets of Tampere, Finland, the new hard rock band Neon Angel is ready to extend its wings. Carrying out a mission for the “gods of rock’n’roll”, the five-piece always delivers, both on-stage and off. Their hook-laden songs are a true celebration of melody and power, continuing the legacy of bands such as Heart, Dio and Whitesnake. With classic references and a modern touch, Neon Angel is out to reinvigorate the best aspects of 80’s music, bringing the classic hard rock sound to the 2020’s.


The core of the band’s sound is formed by their thunderous rhythm section (Johannes on drums, Tomas on bass), with the dynamic alliance of guitar (Tuomas) and synth (Juho) adding melodic flavor and richness to the texture. Their singer, Johanna, is the perfect fit, interpreting the diverse cavalcade of songs they have to offer. Her voice ranges from an in-your-face attitude and straight-out rockin’ style to the more delicate tones present in their slower, atmospheric songs.

Johanna Eteläkari – Vocals
Tuomas Saari – Guitar
Juho Savikurki – Synth
Tomas Kurki – Bass
Johannes Lahti- Drums


Kuva: Markus Laakso


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