Mikael Salo julkaisi Angra-coverin ”Nova Era”


Tiedote 13.5.2021

Mikael Salo julkaisi version Angra-yhtyeen kappaleesta ”Nova Era”. 

”Finally I got my first full Angra cover out in three years!

In 2017 I covered the amazing power ballad Heroes Of Sand from the legendary Rebirth album. This time I was invited by Samuli to do the opening track of that album Nova Era, which if definitely a classic in the progressive/power metal genre! 

Hope you guys enjoy it, and have a great week everyone!”

Guitars and video editing by Samuli Hyttinen / Medicated


Mixing and mastering by Miiro Varjus / True Cult Club



Bass by Jere Perkiökangas

Video shooting by Dani Nuutinen

Mikael Salo netissä: https://linktr.ee/SaloMikael

Lähde: Mikael Salo


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