Majestican uusi musiikkivideo ”Ghost Of Marley” katsottavissa


Voimametalliyhtye Majestica julkaisee joululevyn “A Christmas Carol” 4.12.2020 Nuclear Blastin kautta. Levy kertoo Charles Dickensin tunnetun tarinan Ebenezer Scroogesta ja mukana on useita vieralijoita. Uusi musiikkivideo kappaleesta “Ghost Of Marley“ on tarkistettavissa alta.

Ennakkotilausta voi tehdä linkistä.

Chris David kommentoi:

This is the very first song that Majestica have released that is a duet with two lead voices, and it’s also our first music video with theatrical play. ‘Ghost of Marley’ is a conversation between the main character of “A Christmas Carol” Ebenezer Scrooge, who gets visited by the ghost of his old co-worker Jacob Marley. The video features myself as Marley and Tommy as Scrooge.


Personally for me this has been one of the most challenging songs I have recorded to this date, both musically and visually but it was a lot of fun!

Singlen voi ladata digitaalisesti linkistä.

1. A Christmas Carol
2. Christmas Story
3. Ghost of Marley
4. Ghost of Christmas Past
5. The Joy of Christmas
6. Ghost of Christmas Present
7. Ghost of Christmas to Come
8. A Christmas Has Come
9. A Majestic Christmas Theme

Lähde ja kuva: Nuclear Blast


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