Legion Of The Damnedin uusi musiikkivideo “Slaves Of The Southern Cross” katsottavissa

Hollantilainen thrash metal –yhtye Legion Of The Damned julkaisee uuden albuminsa ”Slaves Of The Shadow Realm” tammikuussa. Katsottavissa on nyt musiikkivideo uudesta kappaleesta ”Slaves Of The Southern Cross”.

Vokalisti Maurice Swinkels kommentoi biisiä ja videota:

Next to ’Dark Coronation’, ’Palace Of Sin’ and ’Warhounds Of Hades’, this is one of my favorite tracks on the album. ’Slaves Of The Southern Cross’ is heavy as hell and sometimes reminds me of Infernal Majesty. It has a great atmosphere and I cannot wait for the fans to sheer with me ’Slaves Of The Southern Cross’. For the video, we rented the big hall of the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen and kept it relative ’simple’. Spend the entire day in fire blasters and filmed the band that captures the essence of Legion Of The Damned: aggressive and heavy!

”Slaves Of The Shadow Realm” on kaupoissa Napalm-levymerkin kautta 4.1.2019.

1. The Widow’s Breed
2. Nocturnal Commando
3. Charnel Confession
4. Slaves Of The Southern Cross
5. Warhounds Of Hades
6. Black Banners In Flames
7. Shadow Realm Of The Demonic Mind
8. Palace Of Sin
9. Priest Hunt
10. Azazels Crown
11. Dark Coronation

Lähde: Napalm Records


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