Legion Of The Damned julkaisee “Slaves Of The Shadow Realm“ –albumin tammikuussa

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Hollantilainen thrashia death- ja black metal –vaikutteilla soittava Legion Of The Damned tekee paluun julkaisukantaan viiden vuoden jälkeen uudella levyllä “Slaves Of The Shadow Realm“ tammikuussa 2019. Luottotuottaja Andy Classenin kanssa viimeistelty kiekko saapuu kauppoihin Napalm-levymerkin kautta 4.1.2019. Lisätiedot katsottavissa alta.

Laulaja Maurice Swinkels kommentoi:

With our 7th opus, entitled Slaves of the Shadow Realm, we tried to take it a little further as where Ravenous Plague ended in terms of melody, but we definitely maintain the heavy songwriting and rawness that Legion Of The Damned is known for. Simplicity is the key with Legion Of The Damned and less is more. With Slaves of the Shadow Realm we go full speed ahead with heaviness, but we took it a bit farther by bringing in melody and atmosphere. I think this is Legion’s best album to date: It crushes, it is fast, it has atmosphere and it is raw! In terms of lyrics, this is our darkest album, written by Tony “Skullcrusher” Manero, who was also responsible for the lyrics and concepts of the albums Malevolent Rapture, Cult of the Dead, Feel the Blade, Ravenous Plague, Sons of the Jackal and Descent into Chaos. We are really excited to be back after four years and hope that the true Legion fan digs this album – I am 100% certain that they will love it! This is Legion Of The Damned – without the bells and whistles – the wait is over and we are back!

Kansi ja kappalelista:

1. The Widow’s Breed
2. Nocturnal Commando
3. Charnel Confession
4. Slaves Of The Southern Cross
5. Warhounds Of Hades
6. Black Banners In Flames
7. Shadow Realm Of The Demonic Mind
8. Palace Of Sin
9. Priest Hunt
10. Azazels Crown
11. Dark Coronation

Lähde: Napalm Records


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