Lamb Of God julkaisi uuden singlen ja lyriikkavideon ”New Colossal Hate”

Kuva: Travis Shinn

Lamb Of God on julkaissut uuden singlen ja lyriikkavideon kappaleesta ”New Colossal Hate”. Biisi on nostettu 19.6.2020 Nuclear Blastin kautta ilmestyvältä levyltä ”Lamb Of God”.

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Kitaristi Willie Adler kertoo uudesta biisistä seuraavaa:

’New Colossal Hate’ came out of our very first writing session in Maine. Mark, our producer Josh Wilbur and I were at a super cool studio in South Windham called Halo. An absolutely beautiful spot run by some of the best people I’ve ever met. I’m pretty sure ’New Colossal Hate’ grew from a few different demos I had. You know, like parts of car. However, as it started to take shape, it quickly became my favorite song on the record. Please enjoy this banger of a tune. It holds a very special place in my heart.

1. Memento Mori
2. Checkmate
3. Gears
4. Reality Bath
5. New Colossal Hate
6. Resurrection Man
7. Poison Dream
8. Routes
9. Bloodshot Eyes
10. On The Hook

Lähde: Nuclear Blast
Kuva: Travis Shinn


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